North Carolina Mountains

Where Nature Heals

Every retreat is an immersive life experience designed to stimulate, motivate and support teens in group homes, and to provide them with hope and understanding that they are not alone on this journey by better equipping them with skills to become Productive adults and strong leaders in their community.

The North Carolina Mountains provides a natural, breathtaking environment that offers an experience they wouldn’t ordinarily have.  By giving them a chance to see the natural, God-given beauty, it opens them up to the hope of life considerably different than the walls of their group home.  They will be provided with motivational guest speakers, delicious and nutritious meals, as well as a variety of expansive outdoor activities.  Through their time at 13 to Life, they will be imbued with a sense of hope and given a glimpse of the future they can create for themselves.

Each day fun-filled day is packed with activities, socializing and teachings they could not hope to have within their current environment.  Our goals is to provide them with something memorable. A total mountain experience in the Appalachian Mountains of NC.  Our daily discussion on spirituality, goals and purpose help provide a blue-print for the day and enable the teens to apply their experiences with life lessons.


What They Experience

Team Building
Our activities like Skiing, Zip-Lining, Fishing, Hiking, will teach teamwork and trust.
Learning that everyone has a purpose in life, understanding and recognizing self worth.
Life Skills
Daily discussions on everyday issues and how to utilize your resources.
Our Day
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Ziplines
  • Ropes Courses
  • Fishing
  • Snow Skiing/Tubing
  • Rafting/Canoeing
  • Games and movie night
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