Wake County has twice as many foster children as foster homes

North Carolina has raised awareness about foster care and the urgent need for foster parents throughout the month of May. According to Wake County Health and Human Services, more than 500 children and young adults are in foster care, but they have fewer than 200 foster homes. Wake County officials said one of the problems is very few foster homes accept teenagers.

Another issue is there are more foster children in Southeast Raleigh around Garner but not enough foster homes to place them in.  More than 11,000 children and young adults are in foster care statewide. While the state has ramped up its efforts to recruit more foster care parents, officials say it’s still not enough. Edna Marshall, who fosters teenagers, said she wants to have a positive impact on them so they can have a positive impact on others. “With young people, you don’t know where their lives are going to lead to,” she said. “They impact our future. It could be a negative impact or a positive impact; we’re here to make sure that it is a positive impact.”

“Being a teenager, even if you’re in the best environment, it’s not easy,” she continued.

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By Nia Harden, WRAL reporter